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TWC4 T.O. Report

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Stickers galore! Some number still up for grabs.


March 27th of the year 2021 was held the fourth Tundra Wolves Challenge, a yearly Old school 93/94 Magic: the Gathering tournament where the Montréal Tundra Wolves call for mages from across the Old school Magic world to challenge their lupine might. This year, 50 players from all over Canada, from the States and, for a first, a buncha players from France, Germany and Sweden, gathered to sling spells through their webcam for 6 rounds of Boreal ruleset goodness. Among other, some communities had strong representations: Vancouver Grizzly Bears (VAN), Toronto Citizen of Brass (TOR), Ottawa Capital Chaos (OTT), Québec city Brew Crew / Fallen Angels (QC), Montréal Tundra Wolves obviously (MTL), New England Old School (NEOS), France’s French Boars (FR) and more!

For a fourth consecutive year, the Wolves are proud to support Montreal’s Sun Youth Organization / Jeunesse au Soleil which, for decades now, has been helping youngsters and families in the most tangible of ways. This year, the tournament proceeds amount to a 600$ donation to them. We urge you to visit their website and see for yourselves what a wonderful organization they are!

Picture from Sun Youth Organization / Jeunesse au Soleil.

Before getting into the prizes and results, we have to thank Top Deck Hero, a very cool MTG shop that’s been generously supporting us for two years. Thanks to them, TWC4 was topped off by a fierce charity-auction over a gorgeous “Ottawa Beta” (expertly inked Unlimited) Wheel of Fortune! Talk about swag. The amazing prizepool that we’ve assembled is also in big part due to them, with the added cherry-on-top that was the Dave Lee / @DurdlingAround Tundra Wolves alter — a very gracious contribution from him:

The TWC4 prizepool (minus charity-auctioned Wheel of Fortune).


It is paramount to the Wolves that everybody gets a chance at winning the most precious stuff. We like to say: glamorous cardboard for all! That’s why five lucky winners got picked in random giveaways of increasing awesomness throughout the night, netting the bulk of the prizepool value. In such fashion, Andrew Ruschpler (TOR), Pierre-Olivier Roy (MTL), Marc Flore (NEOS), François Rousseau (MTL) and Derrick Boyce (MTL) all respectively got themselves rad TWC4 stamped Gaea’s Liege, Blood Moon, Mishra’s Factory, Berserk and Balance (ink gore by yours truly).

Then Toronto Citizen of Brass’ own Eric Do’s Unpowered finish was the best recorded at 27th, so his feat was awarded with a TWC4 stamped Meekstone trophy card! The Spiciest deck submission, as judged by nigh-omniscient (and also 2020 American North-East Chaos Orb flip contest champion) Laurence Boulanger, was Tundra Wolf Derrick Boyce’s Tribal Mana Battery deck (shown below). Derrick “The Boyce” was awarded with a TWC4 stamped Braingeyser trophy card — with a 0-6 record, it’s a second big win for him in a day anyways! You’re an inspiration to all of us, Derrick.

Lastly, Top 8 finishing players were all rewarded with a TWC4 stamped & sticker-altered Atog, that is: Matthew Messa (8th, ND/USA), Benoit Seveno (7th, MTL), Kyril Doubson (6th, MTL), Gaetan Zell (5th, VAN), Christian Arcand (4th, QC), Brendan McBain (3rd, VAN) and last year’s Champ Patrick Burt (2nd, OTT). Except for the champion, who was awarded a TWC4 stamped & sticker-altered Demonic Tutor as well as the coveted Dave Lee Tundra Wolves alter. That is: yours truly François R. Derbas Thibodeau (MTL), who went on a hot streak, undefeated in games and matches piloting pet deck Beast Island (shown below; further reading: 1, 2).

It seems fair to say that the Wolves, also Canada’s Boreal Community Cup champions, were up for the challenge this year! Now without further ado, let’s dive into the general results and deckpics, shall we?


After the full standings, you will find the Spicy decks of the event presented first along some notes from Spicemeïster Laurence. Top 8 deckpics follow and, lastly, the rest of the fighting field alphabetically.

Final standings after 6 rounds.

Spicy decks from the event

Derrick Boyce ~Spiciest deck award~ (MTL, 0-6)

Laurence’s notes: “With these 75 cards Derrick brings the meme of “Well at least it’s a 4/4 under Song lol” to life. Good for him and his Winds of Chains transformational sideboard.”

Louis-Gabriel Emond (OTT, 2-4)

Laurence’s notes: “In this very “LG” deck we’re trying to lock our opponent out with either Blight+Icy+Skull or Guardian Beast+Chaos Orb or simply a Demonic Hordes. An ambitious but alluring plan in which the iconic Demonic Hordes are the star of the show.”

Jason Shaw (TOR, 3-3)

Laurence’s notes: “How great is it to see Castle in a deck and pure RW one at that! We’re only missing a Moat for the flavor and synergy to go through the roof”.

Maxime Bergeron “The Mordor deck” (MTL, 3-3)

Laurence’s notes: “One Ring of Renewal to rule them all and in the darkness bind them” says the Evil Eye. You got your army of orcs of the Ironclaw and Brassclaw varieties. Some of them are mounting Wargs (Savannah Lions) but all are marching to war under the Lightning (Bolt) lit sky and to the beat of the Goblin (War) Drums. Down with those ugly elves!”

Cam Wolbert (VAN, 1-5)

Laurence’s notes: “More like Cam WOLFbert am I right?! Cam valiantly takes on the worst color combo in OS with this unpowered build based on a top end of Fallen Angel and Lord of the Pit. Not far behind the Maestro and his pack of “wolves” are strolling along to ensure that these unhallowed fiends are never hungry.”

Yanick Blanchet (QC, 2-4)

Laurence’s notes: “This deck’s motto is “Get complete and immediate control over your mana base or die trying”. Mana Elves accelerate out land destruction spells in the forms of enchantments. Verduran Enchantress and Skull of Orms ensure a steady flow.”

James Onion (VAN, 4-2)

Laurence’s notes: “A rather sophisticated Abyss deck that can squeeze good value out of the seldom seen card Unsummon. As for the confusing sideboard it’s either madness or genius but probably the latter.”

Brian Bogdon (TOR, 3-3)

Laurence’s notes: “Hay look it’s Power Surge!”

Top 8 decks

Francois Raouf Derbas Thibodeau — “Beast Island” — 1st place (MTL, 6-0)

Patrick Burt ~2nd place~ (OTT, 5-1)

Brenden McBain ~3rd place~ (VAN, 5-1)

Christian Arcand ~4th place~ (QC, 5-1)

Gaetan Zell ~5th place~ (VAN, 5-1)

Kyril “pureté du carton” Doubson ~6th place~ (MTL, 4-2)

Benoit Seveno ~7th place~ (MTL, 4-2)

Matthew Messa ~8th place~ (PA, USA, 4-2)

The other decks (in alphabetical order)

Aaron Sherban (TOR, 4-2)

Alex Blanchette (MTL, 3-3)

Andrew Ruschpler (TOR, 3-3)

Andy Marcozzi (TOR, 3-3)

Arnaud Avenel (FR, 3-3)

Arnaud Labelle (MTL, 2-4)

Benjamin Burke (MTL, 2-0 -> Drop)

Benjamin Gadoua (MTL, 1-5)

Brian Bogdon (VAN, 3-3)

Chris Strernad (TOR, 2-4)

Daniel Fuchs (Bruchsal, Germany, 2-4)

Dominic Beaudry (MTL, 4-2)

Eric Do ~Best Unpowered~ (TOR, 3-3)

Francois Rousseau (MTL, 2-4)

Frederique Lafoux (FR, 2-4)

Greg Titcomb (NEOS, 4-2)

Guillaume Larouche, “Rêve en 5 couleurs de l’arrière-monde” (QC, 3-3)

Guillaume Soucy (QC, 3-3)

Jason Beaupre (PA, USA, 2-4)

Jean-Michel Lussier (MTL, 0-6)

Joel Bowers (TOR, 3-3)

John Dittert (KY, USA, 4-2)

John Wray (CA, USA, 2-4)

Kher Rivest-Harnoix (MTL, 3-3)

Larry Clow (NS, USA, 1-5)

Marc Flore (NEOS, 4-2)

Mario Murr (Karlsruhe, Germany, 4-2)

Martin Boutet (MTL, 3-3)

Martin Hebert (QC, 3-3)

P-O Roy (MTL, 2-4)

Remi Ouelette (MTL, 4-2)

Sam Beaudry (MTL, 2-4)

Sebastien Gaudreault (MTL, 4-2)

Steve Gravel (MTL, 2-4)


Some early coverage is available here (to be updated):

i. G1 from the finals on Patrick Burt’s Capital Chaos Twitch hosted by Terrain Basique on YouTube: Link

ii. Full Patrick Burt’s Capital Chaos Twitch stream (only available for a couple of weeks!): Link

iii. Terrain Basique interview with François R. Derbas Thibodeau (french): coming april 7th or so!

iv. Your coverage here. Hit us up with reports or whatever!


Our most heartfelt thanks to our volunteering pro judges, Robert Hinrichsen and Eric Paré. They’ve played a key role in the way everything went fairly, and smoothly. As did Maxou Duguay! Our pro tournament logistics tech, who was graciously lended to us by Top Deck Hero.

A final shout out to the organizing team this year, with members working as a team most brilliantly: Wolves Dominic Beaudry, Maxime Bergeron, Laurence Boulanger, François R. Derbas Thibodeau, Karl Rivest-Harnoix, Pierre-Olivier Roy.

But first and foremost, thanks to all of you who participated. There would be no TWC without you! Til next time.

PS. We still have some limited-print stickers up for grabs in exchange for direct donations to SYO/Jeunesse au Soleil, so please do reach out if you want some of that swag!

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