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In the whimsical world of Old School Magic, the Prison archetype stands tall as the ultimate party pooper. Imagine this: you're at a magical soirée with your trusty deck of old-school cards, ready to unleash fire-breathing dragons and hordes of goblins. But wait, someone just dropped a Prison deck on the table. Your dreams of epic battles and glory are about to be locked away.


Prison decks are like the overprotective parent of the game. It's all about control and restriction, and it does it with such cheeky flair that it's almost comical. Picture a player dropping Winter Orb while you're tapped out, or The Abyss turning your fearsome creatures into a never-ending comedy show of vanishing acts. It's as if your game plan is stuck in a never-ending traffic jam, and the Prison deck is the gleeful traffic cop making sure you're going nowhere fast.

But here's the kicker – the humor in the Prison archetype lies in the sheer audacity of it all. While you're trying to summon the forces of darkness and chaos, the Prison deck is sipping beer and eating gummies, saying, "Not today, dear opponent." It's a testament to the wacky, unpredictable nature of Old School, where even the most serious of battles can turn into a sideshow of laughter and frustration. So, if you ever find yourself facing a Prison deck, remember to bring your sense of humor – you'll need it to survive the wild ride!

beast-combo (frdt).jpg

(François RDT)

moulin (karl).webp

(Karl Rivest Harnois)

aggro shops (will magrann).webp

(Will Magrann)

Song (cayce g).webp

(Cayce Grissom)

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