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New Old School (NOS) is a team of Montreal-based Magic: the Gathering (MTG) fans adept at slinging spells since the game’s inception in 1993. Their aim is to create public domain, fan-made content for Old school MTG players to enjoy for free, while making deliberate efforts to remain within 93/94 era flair.


Their approach to creating custom sets is based on the meticulous analysis of the OS sets and cards that we all love. Drawing inspiration from their best elements (and sometimes worst, too!), they’re attempting both to build a cohesive limited environment for standalone play, and complementing the existing OS card pool — plugging holes, helping with colour balance, avoiding pitfalls.


Each individual member brings a unique outlook on the OS experience and is passionate about one aspect or the other. Calling on various collaborators, the end result is an iterative work of love with regard to gameplay mechanics, flavour and, of course, art. With Branching Paths as their maiden release, here’s to many more to come!


Release date: March 26th 2023

Size: 126 cards

Rarity: 44 commons, 43 uncommons, 39 rares

Type: Stand Alone

Legality: At organizer's discretion

Card Back.png

A word on the card back artist:

Dave “Derfington” Lee is a Canadian alter artist and author of the retired MTG webcomic Durdling Around. Dave started playing Old School in 2018, and is a proud member of the Toronto-based Citizens of Brass. You can see more of Dave's work on Instagram: @durdlingaround

Illus. Dave “Derfington” Lee

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