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Playing a Control deck is like being the overprotective parent of the Magic world. Your opponent plays a creature, and you're there like,

"Not so fast, young Padawan! Say hello to my Counterspell. Yeah, your creature is about as relevant as a penguin in the Sahara."

You're the ultimate party pooper, the one who ruins your opponent's plans with a smirk and a well-timed Spell Blast. They try to cast a game-changing spell, and you counter it so smoothly that it's like you're reading their mind. "Oh, you thought you'd win with that combo? Cute."

And let's not forget the joy of watching your opponent's face as they desperately try to resolve their spells, only to have you bounce them back to their hand or exile them faster than a cat reacting to a laser pointer.

But what really makes Control decks hilarious is the sheer frustration you induce in your opponents. They'll start questioning their life choices, wondering if they accidentally walked into a library instead of a game store. You'll hear them mutter things like, "I just want to play my cards, man!" to which you'll respond with a devilish grin, "Sorry, this is a 'No Fun Allowed' zone." 


Control players are like the chess grandmasters of Magic, always thinking three steps ahead, and their deck is the ultimate mind game. "Is it safe to play this card? Will they counter it? Can I finally resolve something?" It's like a never-ending game of poker, and you're the one holding all the aces.

Sssooo, to all control players, embrace your inner supervillain, sip your beer (or maybe something stronger) as you counter, bounce, and exile your way to victory, and remember that in the world of Old School, it's not always about winning with brute force (or Mind Twist); it's about winning with style and a dash of diabolical laughter.

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(Will Magrann)

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(Martin Birket-Smith)

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(Karl Rivest Harnois)

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(Cayce Grissom)

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(Rich Shay)

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(Mark Saccerecia)

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