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Restrictions: Less is More?

The Montreal Tundra Wolves have been toying around with bending the conventional Old school B&R lists for a while. We eventually realized that arbitrary restrictions didn’t stick with us (looking at you, Shahrazad) — so we kept coming back to this.

We used to call it ‘Eternal Central plus Recall and Time Vault unrestricted’ or ‘Beasts of the Bay, with Shahrazad and Time Vault unrestricted’, and ‘Atlantic, but with four Strip Mines’, but that’s a lots of words!

Our pals from the Citizen of Brass (Toronto) and Capital Chaos (Ottawa) shared the sentiment that it would be cool to come up with a nametag that we could all relate to, north of the border. And the name ‘Boreal’ stuck around.

We never really made much fuss about it. But we really do, have been playing it for a while. For instance, Tundra Wolves Challenge 3 was played by it, you probably never noticed. So let’s put it out there.

Whether it is sheer chaos, or organic metagame self-regulation: there’s inevitably something that less restrictions bring us more of. This one goes out to those who believe that less is more. Ironically enough, it means we’re adding one more entry to the list of B&R lists. Sorry.

So here’s what BOREAL looks like in a nutshell* :

Boreal, A.K.A. the « Yes » Format

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