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Introducing: Roploplo

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Roploplo, we believe, is the best multiplayer Old school pseudo-commander format. Created at Parc du Père-Marquette in Montreal, summer 2021, we’ve been addic… testing and refining it intensively ever since! In fact, it’s also become the locals’ fav webcam-based OS experience.

Roploplo is: politics meet epic plays, in a singleton environment where underappreciated cards get a chance to shine — like the now locally iconic Fountain of Youth. RULES: 20 starting life, 100 cards singleton, including a commander (any OS creature). You read that right. As per current EDH rules, commander can be brought back to its command zone. Commander tax rule applies. Commander color identity and commander damage rules DO NOT APPLY. So yes, Prodigal Sorcerer Burn is a thing.

Emphasis: Roploplo is meant to be a multiplayer format, so any breaking play might have the table gang up on a player. In this sense, Roploplo is continuously self-balancing. Therefore, no B&R beyond Ante cards is needed! We stand by it. All kind of nonsense if guaranteed, but the right kind of nonsense:

So, to recap, Roploplo in a nutshell:

-20 starting life -Singleton format, designed for multiplayer -100 cards from Old school 93/94 sets -Including 1 commander (any OS93/94 creature) -Command zone & commander tax rules DO apply -Commander color identity & commander damage rules do NOT apply -No banned cards beyond Ante cards As a Montreal house rule, one free mulligan is also strongly suggested, but not mandatory.

Let’s conclude on an appropriate quote:

“Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer.” (Sun Tzu)

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