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Branching Paths is a public domain, entirely custom-set in the spirit of Old school MTG. The project’s aim was to create new fan-made content for OS MTG players to enjoy, while making a deliberate effort to remain within 1993-1994 MTG flavor, even if we used modern tools. It’s a “What if?” WotC had taken a  different path in 1995. 

On this page, you will find everything you need to know about this project.

Branching Paths is in your hands!

– The New Old School Team

First print run specifics

You might have noticed some easter eggs! Some of them might be more obvious than others, but we wanted to pay tribute to the sometimes irregular beginnings of Magic the Gathering by including some special cards.

  • There's a promo card, including an ante mechanic, illustrated by David "Derfington" Lee! 

  • There's a card in French, our first language is french!


Each color also has card that might seem awkward at first. Can you find them? Here are some clues to help you!

  • White has always been the color of light, and fighting darkness

  • Were you hoping to play red when you submitted your registration?

  • Let your hair down and shuffle up some mono-black

  • We added our personal touch to a green card.

  • Blue is almost always the center of attention.

Branching Paths official gallery