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Tundra Wolves Challenge 2018 T.O. Photo report [archives]

Saturday march twenty-fourth, 39 Old schoolers from all around the world (but mostly Montréal, Québec city, Ontario and New England) gathered up for the 2018 Tundra Wolves Challenge and slang some vintage cardboard spells. Epic good times were had, and we’re sincerely looking forward to more. Communities meeting up is a beautiful thing. We also raised 400$ for charity (for Montréal’s Sun Youth Organization). By the way major props to the ‘Strike Force’ who collectively worked hard to set all of this up, and a big thanks to the FMM folks for their support throughout the process. Bit of a photo report enclosed, including Top 8 & many more deck pics.

1st: Jean-Philippe Goyet (6-0) on The Rack.dec, from Montréal 2nd: Benoit Seveno (5-1) on Transmute-the Deck mashup, from Nova Scotia 3rd: Sébastien Dubé (5-1) on UR Control from Rivière-du-Loup (Québec) 4th: Martin Hebert (5-1) on monoblack Disaster from Montréal 5th: Francois R. Derbas Thibodeau (4-2) the Pain Train (black Sligh) from Montréal 6th: Dave Dupont (4-2) on UB Dreams Prison, from Québec city 7th: Etienne Dupuis (4-2) on monoblack, from Granby 8th: Greg Titcomb (4-2) on RUG Control, from New England

Charity Flip-off winner: François Richard (Montréal) Guest of Honor // Wanderlust award: Shane Chiasson (Ontario) Most Creative deck: Louis-Gabriel LG Emond (Ontario) Best unpowered finish: Etienne Dupuis (Granby) Craziest play award: Julien Pouliot (Montréal) Most violent Kill award: Dave Firth Bard (New England) Worst punt award: Joe Schacher (Ontario) Read-the-rulebook-again award: Louis-Gabriel LG Émond (Ontario)

…Rest of gallery (including deck pics & action shots) is best viewed on my IMGUR profile:

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