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My Proto-OS MTG Gauntlet [archives]

I’ve mentionned this a couple times, but I wanted to put some pictures out there.

Here I present to you: My (Pre)-Old School MTG Gauntlet. As in, the project I was dabbling with before I found out that Old school 93/94 was an actual thing.

No kidding, I’ve been tweaking and balancing this thing for at least 3 years. I’ve finally reached a point where mostly every game is a blast, and all decks can win against every match-up.

Lots of luv (and time taken, to balance the darn thing) put in this Old School gauntlet

I’ll let the images speak for themselves, but I’ll still include a quick overview of each deck :

Old School Blue Tron. T2 Tetravi and stuff. Sage of Lat-Nam is an awesome CA engine. And Copy artifact is OP.

Colorless (splash Blue) - Mana Vault and Fellwar Stones ramp you into quick Juggernauts and Su-Chis, which you will Copy Artifact. Sage of Lat-Nam refuels you, and your mid-game plays are Tetravus (draw 4?) and Triskellion (gun down the board). Oh I forgot, you run the full suite of Tron-lands, which will eventually come online and will let you make huge plays in Rocket Launcher or even Colossus of Sardia.

All-in Red. Theory is: we should draw a critical mass of game-ending spells faster than our opponent should. Willing to take the bet?

Red - I opted for an all-in Howling-Mine Burn deck. It’s kind of suicidal but you really do draw more game-ending spells fast than your opponent ever will.

Mono-Black Control. My pet deck.

Black - Hard control, with Hymn to tourach into Hippies into targeted removal and Drain Life with Nevinyral’s Disk as an emergency exit button; Demonic Horde and Nightmare top end with reanimation capabilities off Jalum Tome + 2x Animate dead.

Green Rush. Combat maths are a nightmare for the opponents.

Green - Swarmy elves and Ernham Djinns with full set of Mishra’s factory backup and a twin Sylvan Library engine. Ywuli Wolf and Pendelhaven make combat maths a nightmare for the opponent.

Stasis / Parfait combo hybrid. Wall of Air an actual powerhouse at stopping aggression.

Blue - Winter Orb + Icy Manipulator / Stasis hybrid deck, with all the Power Sinks and bouncing action to back it up. Wall of Air and Control Magic never stop beeing MVP in buying me time to set up a soft-lock or combo out.

White Weenies. Busted since day 1.

White - Weenies! This deck is the bomb even in its budget version. Had to tone it down multiple times lol. But Crusades and Savannah Lions and White Knights, you get the picture.

Feel free to discuss and comment.

As I said I’ve started these before I even knew Old School 9394 was a thing. It runs cards mostly from the 9394 era but there’s a slight splash of Ice Age cards (key cards such as Woolly Spider in G — deal with all the flyers!) and Alliance for the awesome awesome utility lands. I mean, I could not NOT run Lake of the Dead here.

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