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Montréal’s Tundra Wolves Challenge II T.O. Photo report [archives]

Saturday march 23rd 2019 was held the second Tundra Wolves Challenge in beautiful Montreal. Going full-YOLO mode, the Wolves this time opted for a triple event formula: starting on Saturday morning, Mages would be invited to attend a much experimental Old school + Legacy Team Duo Constructed 4-rounder, on site at the Montreal Magic Fest (FMM). Among other prizes, the prevailing Duo would earn a free pass to the Tundra Wolves Challenge II, kicking off in the afternoon at game pub L’Adversaire. The Old school Magic main event would build upon last year’s concept: first, there would be raffles. Heck, glamorous cardboard for all! — The bulk of the prizepool value would go into raffles. Another highlight of the event would be putting up Most Creative Deck entries up on the big screen and submitting them to a popular vote, using a sonometer! Yep, that’s a thing. There would be a Chaos Orb Flip-Off for Charity, too. The Challenge’s champion would earn a bunch of flavour-a-licious prizes: a (locally at least) very symbolically powerful extended art Tundra Wolves, a unique TWC II Champion playmat a well as a free pass to Sunday’s Magic Sugar Shack! Which would be the place to be, on the day after. We’re glad that it all turned out legendary.

35 Mages with ties to the Quebec City Brew Crew, the Toronto Citizen of Brass, Ottawa’s Capital Chaos, New England Old School as well as a couple of Chicago Lords of the Pit and New York Sisters of the Flame dove into battle and ale for 6 rounds of swiss, played by the Eternal Central 93/94 rules and masterfully managed by our own Benjamin Burke. There where 13 submissions for Most Creative Deck; major props to Jimmy Cooney, from Dice City Games, who gracefully acted as a preliminary round judge and provided with next-level analysis to help narrow this number down to a Top 5 + 3 honorable mentions, which you will find below. 10 Mages had the cojones to go unpowered, two of which converted to Top 8 and one earning the Best Unpowered trophy card. And 300$ was raised for Sun Youth Organization this time.

On with the pics: prizepool, action shots, results, and side events.

… Actually, rest of the gallery (including Deck pics & action shots) is best viewed on my IMGUR profile.

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